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Blasphemy is the crime of making fun of ridiculous beliefs others hold sacred. This blog is about satire, truth, inquiry, and critical thinking. It is about enjoying life before death. It is about how some try to control many through their notions about a make believe supernatural world and imaginary rewards and punishments after death. This blog says that blasphemy is a good thing, a healthy thing, and a good antidote to harmful superstition. This blog is about freedom. Edwin.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Please spread the word, ELLEN JOHNSON on CBS Sunday Morning, August 19!

Please spread the word, ELLEN JOHNSON on CBS Sunday Morning, August 19!

American Atheists Media Alert

THIS SUNDAY, AUGUST 19, 2007 -- 9:00 AM ET

ELLEN JOHNSON, President of American Atheists will be one of the guests on the CBS News program "CBS Sunday Morning" this coming Sunday, August 19, 2007. The show airs at 9:00 AM ET; check your local listings.

Ms. Johnson will be discussing the latest wave of popular books on Atheism, and role that religion and Atheism now plays in the country. Other guests include Julia Sweeney, Christopher Hitchens, and Boston University Professor Stephen Prothero.

WHO & WHAT: Ellen Johnson, President of American Atheists on "CBS Sunday Morning" program on the role of Atheism and religion in civic life.

WHEN: This Sunday, August 19, 2007 -- 9:00 AM ET, check local listings.

WHERE: CBS "Sunday Morning" program on the CBS Network.

MORE INFO: (see: "Atheists Make Their Case Against God.")

AMERICAN ATHEISTS is a nationwide movement that defends civil rights for
Atheists; works for the total separation of church and state; and
addresses issues of First Amendment public policy.


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