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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Edwin Kagin's Atheist News. Atheist Coming Out Party and De-Baptism. Traditional Family Values Department


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(AMERICAN ATHEISTS is a nationwide movement that defends civil rights for nonbelievers; works for the total separation of church and state; and addresses issues of First Amendment public policy.)


To Unidentified Recipients:





August 2, 2008 -- Westerville, Ohio -- 12:00 noon

The nation's first Atheist "Coming Out" Party and De-Baptism bash will take place this coming Saturday (August 2, 2008) in Westerville, Ohio beginning at 12:00 noon.

All Atheists, Freethinkers, Humanists and other nonbelievers -- especially those "in the closet" -- are invited! The event will feature talks, information booths, social events and a "De-Baptism" ceremony (complete with a Certificate of De-Baptism).

"This will be a day of celebration and education for anyone who doesn't believe in a God," said event organizer Ashley Paramore. "We're sending the message that it is OK to not believe in a Jehovah or Allah or some other deity, and live a secular lifestyle as an alternative to organized religion."

Featured on the program will be Edwin Kagin (Legal Director, American Atheists); Frank Zindler (President, AA); and Hemant Mehta (Secular Student Alliance).

The venue is the Everal Barn, 60 N. Cleveland Avenue in Westerville, Ohio. For more information, visit or contact Ashley Paramore through


WHEN: This Saturday, August 2, 2008 from 12:00 noon to 5:00 PM

WHO: Ashley Paramore, Frank Zindler, Edwin Kagin, Hemant Mehta

WHERE: Everal Barn, 60 N. Cleveland Avenue in Westerville, Ohio.

MORE INFO: or contact Ashley Paramore through

(AMERICAN ATHEISTS is a nationwide movement that defends civil rights for nonbelievers; works for the total separation of church and state; and addresses issues of First Amendment public policy.)




You're invited!
Date: August 2nd, 2008
Time: 12pm-5pm
Location: Everal Barn
60 N. Cleveland Avenue
Westerville, Ohio 43081
(click here for map)

From Ashley, organizer of Atheist Coming Out Party:

Ok everyone, the big event is this Saturday! It looks like things are going to be a huge success! I've gotten a lot of e-mail from people interested in attending, along with e-mails from the Dispatch, Westerville paper, and even Reuters in Dallas! I'm excited! :)

To view details for the party, go here -->

All of the information is contained on that site in regards to location and cost - now the low price of FREE! For those of you who have paid me by cash or check and would like to be refunded please contact me at and I will give you a full refund (all paypal payments should be fully refunded at this point - I'm still playing catch-up with checks). If you would rather leave it as a donation for the Coming OUT Party for next year, that would be greatly appreciated. In either case, please let me know as soon as possible so I know what to do with your entry.

Hemant's book, "I Sold My Soul on Ebay" is still available for pre-pay online.

In regards to food, if you plan on eating, be sure to bring something! We will have two grills. Volunteer cooks would be great as well. :)

Don't forget to bring literature for your groups or organizations.

Speakers will start around 1-1:30pm. And for those wanting to get a 'de-baptism' that will go on a 4:00pm. Aside from that, bring some food, and have a great time! For those who want to go camping Saturday night at Alum Creek please get ahold of me ASAP!

Please pass this information along to your groups and others who you know are attending.

Looking forward to seeing you all there! :) Thanks so much for all your help getting the word out as well!

Ashley Paramore
Secular Student Alliance Board Member
Students for Freethought at Ohio State Chair
Omnipresent Atheists & Heathen Chicks Organizer

"Men think epilepsy divine, merely because they do not understand it. But if they called everything divine they didn't understand, why, there would be no end of divine things."


Traditional Family Values Department.

From reader Jan:

Matthew 24:12 (King James Version)

And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.


Body in freezer as man preached

Anthony Hopkins of Mobile is charged with murdering his wife and sexually abusing his eldest daughter, who tipped off police Wednesday, July 30, 2008 By ROBERT McCLENDON Staff Reporter

While Anthony Hopkins was leading a revival in a small church on the outskirts of Jackson, Ala., Monday night, the body of a woman, presumed to be his wife, was stuffed in a freezer at his house in Mobile, waiting to be discovered by police.

Acting on a tip given by Hopkins' daughter, the eldest of eight children, police said they knew where to look and what they were likely to find when they searched the Rylands Street house.

Clarke County Sheriff's deputies found Hopkins at the church a short time later, still preaching and ministering to people in the crowd, according to the pastor of the congregation hosting the revival.

It could be the last sermon he preaches as a free man. Hopkins now sits in Mobile County Metro Jail, charged with murdering his wife, 36-year-old Arletha Hopkins. He could face life in prison if convicted.

The body had yet to be positively identified Tuesday night, but authorities said they were confident that it was Hopkins' wife.

Mobile Police Chief Phillip Garrett said it could be a few days before the body is positively identified, a delay caused principally by the condition of the corpse, which he said looked like it had been in the freezer for "quite a while."

As of Tuesday morning, when Garrett held a news conference to announce Hopkins' arrest, it was not even known how Arletha Hopkins had been killed or what condition her body was in.

Officers removed the small chest-style freezer from Hopkins' house in its entirety, transporting it to the Mobile office of the Department of Forensic Sciences.

Exactly how long she had been in the freezer remains unclear, Garrett said, but nobody has heard from Arletha Hopkins in more than three years.

She had never been reported missing.

She might never have been discovered if Hopkins' 19-year-old daughter hadn't come forward and talked to police attached to the Child Advocacy Center.

Detectives found out about the body during the interview, Garrett said. They also found out that Hopkins had been sexually abusing the eldest child, Garrett said.

In addition to the murder charge, Hopkins also faces charges of rape and sodomy.

Details about Hopkins' past remained sketchy Tuesday.

Police described him as an evangelist, an itinerant preacher who toured various churches around the area holding revivals. He hadn't been in the Mobile area for long, according to Garrett. Hopkins kept a low profile.

Neighbors on his central Mobile block said they didn't know him well, only as "Rev." His children played in the yard often, they said, but they weren't allowed to play with other kids on the street. None of them recalled seeing Hopkins with his wife.

He did apparently have some roots in Jackson, where he had led several revivals in the past, according to Beverly Jackson, the pastor of Inspiration Tabernacle Church, the site of Monday night's revival meeting where Hopkins was taken into custody.

Jackson said several of her congregants came to her and asked if Hopkins could hold a revival at their church.

"Everybody liked him, said he was a kind man," Jackson said, "And they liked the way he ministered."

Jackson said she didn't know Hopkins well, having only met him once, many years ago. When he reintroduced himself, he said his wife died giving birth to their youngest child. Jackson said she thought that was odd. She hadn't mentioned his wife at all.

Still, she said, he seemed nice enough, and he was highly recommended, so she agreed to host the revival. It was supposed to last all week. It lasted only one night.

With seven of his children in the front row Monday night -- the eighth was meeting with Mobile police -- Hopkins launched into his sermon, much of which centered on the topic of forgiveness, Jackson said.

"I felt in my spirit that he knew what was going to happen to him. Even if he didn't know it was going to happen here," Jackson said, reflecting on Hopkins' message.

Hopkins told the congregation that his eldest daughter had left the house.

"He said he told her she had to do what she had to do," Jackson said. Looking at his seven children, "He asked them to forgive him for his sins: past, present and future."

When his sermon concluded, Jackson said, he began to minister individually to people in the crowd. His children played accompanying music on instruments he had brought with him. There was even a miniature drum set for one of his younger sons.

When he worked his way away from the pulpit, Jackson said, deputies and police entered, guns drawn, and took him into custody.

She took the children out of the church, playing with the younger ones, who seemed not to understand exactly what was happening. The older daughters, she said, hardly reacted at all.

Hear part of that sermon here:


Y’all come on up to Columbus, Ohio this Saturday and get yourselves de-baptized, y’hear. Edwin.


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