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Blasphemy is the crime of making fun of ridiculous beliefs others hold sacred. This blog is about satire, truth, inquiry, and critical thinking. It is about enjoying life before death. It is about how some try to control many through their notions about a make believe supernatural world and imaginary rewards and punishments after death. This blog says that blasphemy is a good thing, a healthy thing, and a good antidote to harmful superstition. This blog is about freedom. Edwin.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Happy Birthday to the Kentucky site
Of religio-fanatic-fiction
That works so hard, as is their right,
At scientific interdiction.

It was on Memorial Day
In two thousand and ought seven
That this Ham and AIG display
Opened as a nonsense Heaven.

Outside their gates protesters stood
In a great “Rally for Reason”
Against an ignorance that would
Reveal that facts are not in season.

In three years many thousand folks
Have by this contagion been infected
As myth the human spirit yokes
As lying grows yet more perfected.

So Happy Birthday truth abusers
As your superstition rages
Make more uneducated losers
And welcome in a new Dark Ages.

Edwin Kagin


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