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Blasphemy is the crime of making fun of ridiculous beliefs others hold sacred. This blog is about satire, truth, inquiry, and critical thinking. It is about enjoying life before death. It is about how some try to control many through their notions about a make believe supernatural world and imaginary rewards and punishments after death. This blog says that blasphemy is a good thing, a healthy thing, and a good antidote to harmful superstition. This blog is about freedom. Edwin.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Letter by Edwin Kagin

Christmas Letter.

Dearest Beloved of Our Family in Christ,

There have been many changes this year for our family.

Our beloved 17 year old daughter suffered blindness and paralysis after being struck by a drunk driver on her way home from Wednesday night church services.

Aunt Polly died of liver cancer, following a long and painful illness.

The family cat was smashed by a UPS truck.

Mabel’s M.S. is getting worse and she can hardly do anything much anymore.

Father had to have a triple bypass operation, and now uses a breathing tube.

The house was burned down by sparks from the torching of Harry Potter books in our yard.

Little Marvin got a chicken bone stuck in his throat at a church picnic and was rushed to the hospital where doctors had to remove his voice box. Although he can never talk again, our God miraculously saved him.

Miranda is now being home schooled after she left eighth grade to become a single mother. An abortion was out of the question, and we know God has given us a hydrocephalic grandchild for his own good and perfect reasons.

Our oldest son had his left foot blown off in an ambush in Iraq while helping to bring Christ and Democracy to those poor heathens.

We rejoice in the wisdom of our God, in His gifts, and in His plan for our lives.

We bear grateful witness to all that our great and merciful God has done for us in the past year, and we praise the works of His hand.

Oh, almost forgot. The dog died.

In His Holy Name,

The Fundangelical Family

(by Edwin Kagin. Permission to reproduce without profit is given. If you make money on this, I want some of it. Edwin)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

On Christmas, or No Virginia There Is No Santa Claus, by Edwin Kagin

What Is An ATHEIST?  


To Unidentified Recipients:
Here, once again please find reproduced, (which may also be found at ,and in the work Baubles of Blasphemy, one day to perhaps maybe be printed in a Second Edition, depending perchance in some measure on the pleas for such to the editors of American Atheists Press) that seasonal classic:

If I could work my will, every idiot who goes about with "Merry Christmas" on his lips should be boiled with his own pudding, and buried with a stake of holly through his heart. He should!
Uncle Ebenezer Scrooge (not to be confused with Uncle Scrooge McDuck)

I can’t prove that no ungulate unit of reindeer persuasion can fly, any more than you can prove I don’t have two invisible unicorns that frolic in benign innocence at Camp Quest. I can’t prove there are no living dinosaurs (as the arkonuts challenge the skeptical to do) anymore than the arkonuts can prove the English text of Genesis they rely on is identical to the original version they hold was dictated, or inspired, by god. But if one says that all crows are black, there is no need to check every crow to falsify that assertion. All that is needed is to find one white crow, or any crow of a different color. Similarly, Santa skepticism can be soundly silenced by the production of one flying reindeer. Yet Christmasterians insist doubters disprove Santa, sleigh, and such, or keep silent, lest they destroy a child’s simple (mindless) faith. This method of proof proves useful later, as children, programmed to believe fantasy is truth, grow to adultery and unquestioningly follow the fantastic follies of faith of their fathers (and mothers--political correctness must not be permitted to fall down a personhole).
To be sure, Plato (not to be confused with Mickey Mouse’s dog) argued that, to conceive of something that is real, one must somehow get the perfect idea of that something from the place it really exits, to wit, the world of forms--a place somewhere that no one has ever seen. Reality alone wouldn’t do. Thus, everyone but philosophers know what a horse looks like, and kids know all about Santa without having to survive Philosophy 101.
Can we imagine, or even believe in, something that doesn’t exist? Sure we can. Just talk with those who have been abducted by aliens. If some unseen thing is believed by many, e.g., angels, it is called faith. If a thing is believed by only one, and is wildly outside the gates of common sense and experience, then the belief, e.g., suddenly realizing that one’s guardian angel is made of grape jelly and having him (there are no female angels--check your bible, you can win bets on this) on toast, it is called psychosis. The problem is that the invisible and the non-existence look much the same. Christmas beliefs fall somewhere between the province of priest and psychiatrist.
Christmas combines two contradictory images of godlike characters: Jesus, the Christ, who taught that to be saved one should sell all of their property and give it to the poor (the church later declared belief in this teaching a heresy), and Claus, the Santa, to whom children are taught to write letters requesting property--believed to be given by Santa, in one night, to those children of the world found worthy--in direct challenge to the counsel of the Christ. One should note, before teaching the latter belief system, that an anagram of Santa is Satan.
The day itself, meaning Christ’s Mass, is the same day the Romans used to honor their sun god with gift giving and feasting. Christmas is quite pagan. Its secular celebration involves rituals specifically forbidden by holy writ, like hewing down a tree, bringing it inside the house, decorating it, and praising it. This is as clear a violation of divine decree as public prayer, or celebrating the Sabbath on the first day of the week instead of on the seventh day as ordered (Commandment IV). No wonder we are in such trouble these days with crime, inflation, and teenage pregnancies.
Unfortunate cultural consequences flow from the forced frivolity and jejune joy Christmas creates and requires. People get depressed when they don’t feel happy as they should, when they do not have their artificial expectations fulfilled, and when they cannot meet the unreasonable artificial seasonal needs of others--like their mercenary relatives, and their materialistic, greedy, spoiled children--and get even deeper in debt by trying to behave as expected. Thanks to Tom Flynn, and his wonderful heresy The Trouble With Christmas, I chucked the whole thing a few years ago, and lived. Try it. You will feel better for it.
Should I be granted a Christmas wish, it would be that the holiday be canceled, and that the whole show appertaining to this business of Christmas not be done at all. Please understand that I do not care if others celebrate Christmas if they wish, nor would I suggest that they be prevented from doing so. I just don’t want the holiday to be compulsory for me or anyone else--any more than I want other people’s prayers, that they have an absolute right to pray, to be forced upon me by public officials or upon children by public schools. One who would rather decline gets somewhat tired of listening to those who absolutely and uncritically assume all good people celebrate Christmas, and that something is horribly wrong with anyone who ignores the invitation to attend their compulsory party. Failing the unlikely event of Christmas being made optional, I would alternatively wish, in seasonal answer to Virginia’s famous question, that we might see something in the public press, for innocent children, like:
Dear Virginia,
No, Virginia, there is no Santa Claus. It is a myth that has been cruelly used to deceive children for the pleasure of adults who unwittingly destroy children’s sense of basic trust by teaching them that the world is something other than it really is.
I know this news must be a shock to you, and I am truly sorry for your discomfort. But it is not my fault. The person who tells you the truth should never be blamed for the hurt that comes from learning that others have lied.
You should not believe in Santa Claus any more than you should believe in fairies, or in demons waiting around to pull you under the earth, or in angels lurking about to transport you above it. People do not need to believe foolish things to have love and compassion and caring, any more than they need a special season or holiday to be nice to one another.
If things believed prove false, does that mean peace, and sharing, and kindness must dissolve like mist along with the untrue things? Of course not! We don’t need magic to have happiness, and wonder, and joy. Our beautiful world is full of these things, and they are very real, and our real world holds more interesting and wonderful people and things than any fairyland anyone could ever even imagine.
Some adults are afraid of things they don’t understand, and they teach children to believe in magic. But the truth is really far more exciting. Wouldn’t you rather learn what is on real planets, that are millions of miles away, than believe reindeer can fly? Have you ever seen the northern lights? I have, and I can tell you they are more beautiful, more mysterious, and more wonderful than any pretend story anyone could ever invent about elves that have workshops at the North Pole.
Is it okay to pretend and to believe things we know are not true? Of course it is! And it can be a lot of fun. Intelligent people love to play. Any time you watch a movie or a play or go to a costume party you are playing and pretending something is so that is not.
We know those aren’t real people in the TV--only images of them--but we know we are pretending, and this is fun and much different from believing a falsehood. Would it be wrong to tell a friend of yours, who firmly believed there were really small people inside the television set, that his or her belief was not true? Would it be right for you to be condemned for destroying that friend’s childlike faith? What if several of your best friends thought they could fly, and set off for a bridge over a 600 foot deep gorge to prove it? Would it be wrong for you to politely try to convince them that they just might be mistaken, no matter how firmly they believe they are right? Would you be destroying their childhood or saving their future?
Follow the truth, no matter where it may take you. And don’t pay any attention to those who think comforting falsehoods are better than understanding the world as it is. If you ever have children, teach them trust by telling them the truth. By the way, just in case you didn’t know, the stork didn’t bring you. You are here because your parents had sex.
Keep questioning, Virginia, and don’t feel it is the least bit wrong to demand correct answers.
Asking questions is what makes us human.
Your friend,
Uncle Edwin

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Fan Letters from Christians by Edwin Kagin



To Unidentified Recipients:

Here is the lawsuit filed by American Atheists and eleven named plaintiffs:

In the past TWO DAYS, American Atheists, and my office, have been flooded with hate emails. To be sure there have been some nice emails, but they are far outnumbered by the hate filled ones.

They are not calculated to make Atheists feel comfortable in our free land.

I am not redacting the contact information of the senders. If they want to act like this, they should not expect privacy. You may want to write some of them.

The following speak, so to speak, for themselves.

What would Jesus do?


From: []
Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2008 9:59 AM

You have the right P.O box

I have personally seen God.

You are an arrogant piece of shit.

If it we legal, I would delight in ripping you to pieces.

Have a nice day, shitbag
From: bobbie storrs []
Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2008 12:48 PM
Subject: Kentucky

No one really cares what such a small, insignificant group such as yours wants. Atheists are such a small minority, why should the rest of America be ruled by what you believe? Do you really have nothing better to do than to waste so much time and so many resources on fighting this? My goodness. Go volunteer for a local homeless shelter or something if you have this much time on your hands instead of letting your life be ruined by hate. On your death bed, do you really believe you'll look back and think you made a difference by doing nothing more than fighting to have something, that so many people believe in, and find comfort in, removed from government? Find something to do so that will make you a productive member of society and not just a hemorrhoid.

From: Greg Deer []
Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2008 12:51 PM
Subject: Your jewish ancestors turn in the grave.

Because of the Jews like you who stink with an ego and mediocrity the world that searches for the Light on to the nations (People of the book) runs into
a dark tunnel of hate. You assult the ability to believe.

People who do not belive create death everywhere - Russia, Kombodia, China - name it.

Your spirital father Marx would be proud of you. But when the hell breaks loose for you
you will see that you squandered G-d given talent for the sake of your immorality that you seem to be justifing.

Study Greek philosophers, you will hopefully understand, that by attempting to redefine the essence you do not touch it but the one who is listening.

You do not believe that you were created and the infinite complexity of you DNA and RNA and protein folds are working correctly.

So let the Almighty show you that when one of the quadrillions of mechanisms in the body fails to do its job (atheists worship statistics )a person may regreat he was put on Earth - the act that he did not choose.

regards my philosopher

From: Jesse Barczynski []
Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2008 12:57 PM

Hey Edwin:

This is very simple. If you do not like America, One Nation Under God, Go to a godless country. Any other country is fine. But rest assured, when you die, which from your website picture, isn't to far off, you Will SEE Jesus Christ. I know you don't believe me, you don't have to. But you will see him. I will pray for your conversion before you die, but it still is very simple. Go to russia or any other place & they will tell you what to do, where to go, and how much you have. If you look for Jesus you will find him. Hey, even the devil believes in God. So you must not believe in him either. There is good & bad in the world. How you choose to accept these things will tell you where you will be when you die. Praying for your conversion, I am Jesse Barczynski

From the office of Jesse Barczynski.

From: []
Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2008 1:18 PM

You don’t have the right to tell us what is legal or what is illegal. This country was founded on Christian values and morals. We the people, the vast majority of American people will not let you under mind the principles this country was founded on.
I don’t hate you, you are a very wise person, you know this is a Christian country, you live in it, accept it, your views are not shared by 80% - 90% of the people in America. Conform to that 10%, sorry, be quiet while you talk, sorry.
Jesus loves you and so do I
John Schille

'Worry looks around,
Sorry looks back, Faith looks up.'

From: larry & ganell []
Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2008 7:49 AM
Subject: your stupidity

Quit infringing on our right to believe. Sit down & shut up!!!

From: Phillip Van Niekerk []
Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2008 3:49 AM
Subject: Need Help Urgent!

Hallo Satan,

Did you know that God already defeated you? So why are you trying to stop him? Shame, you poor old Bastard. Leave Edwin alone. He is an innocent child who doesnʼt need your hell.

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Tuesday, December 02, 2008 3:32 PM
Subject: Potential Client Inquiry for Edwin F. Kagin, Attorney at Law from Findlaw

I just read a article on WKYT web page regarding that a group of ATHEISTS filed a lawsuit in KY seeking to remove GOD for the state's homeland security detail. I am very upset about this and the so called Atheistis. Tell me what you need me to do to help with this law suit. I can get petitions signed or do whatever needs to be done to stop this lawsuit. The United States was founded on Christianity and I am so fed up with this so call Atheists group.


From: ~Crushed~ []
Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2008 5:43 AM
Subject: Your cause

Dear Mr Kagin,
Dear sir, I feel sorry for you and the way you spend your time pushing your self serving beliefs on the rest of the God believing world. I have to wonder what went so wrong in your life that you feel the need to try and erase those 3 letters that are a common binder for all walks of life, even people like yourself that wake up forcing themselves to believe theres no God in this entire picture of life and then go out of their way to do whatever is possible to make sure those letters are erased for all others to see.
I guess what makes me sad about people like yourself is the simple fact that in this day and age and of all the things going wrong in the world let alone just your place of living you feel the need to use your energy and mind to bring the end to the word God instead of trying to better the living conditions of the poor, the hungry and even the homeless. Things that I'm sure are more worthy of your time and talents.
I'm also sure that this isnt the first nor the last time your going to be chastised for your beliefs and I'm just as sure that this is only getting you abit hot about "your" rights not to believe, but tell me, who made you the watchdog of whats right or wrong with those 3 letters of our alphabet... G..O..D...

I'm going to go now but I want you to know this, before I close my eyes today to get some sleep I'm going to ask God to try and understand you so that you too can someday ask his forgivness as you get ready to depart this sad world we live in.

R.W.Assumpcao Jr

From: Thomas Hart []
Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2008 6:06 AM

Dear Edwin, I respect the face that you are an atheist but why must you degrade people who believe in god. Does the sign in Kentucky really piss you off that much? Say you do get it removed will the world be a better place? Why don’t you stop bitching and complaining and do something that is worth -while instead of leading a crusade against god. Yelling long enough and loud enough does not validate facts. Whether we consider the origin of the Solar System, man and animals, plants and rock formations, or read "Evolution," F.H.T. Rhodes book of "proofs," the theory of evolution never sprouted a leg to stand on.

Evolution is not fact! It is not even science!

It cannot stand up to the first two laws of Thermodynamics and the process has only been theorized, but never proved. As a propaganda device devised by those who rejected God while seeking human answers for man's origin, it's a classic. Humanistic evolution is a religion and I agree that it needs to be expelled from school.

In a society that trumpets diversity, open forums and free-thinking, why has creationism been disallowed in the unleveled arena of most public educational systems? Granted it takes faith to believe that, "In the beginning (time) God (intelligent designer) created the heaven (space) and the earth" (matter and activated these with light. But to believe that nothing packed itself into a compact ball of nothingness (why?) and exploded (how? by what?) thus producing hydrogen and helium (from where?) causing meteors (from what?) to fly into frictionless space spinning in different directions thus accidentally forming our perfectly balanced and ordered universe so that after billions of years man evolved from a rock or some primordial soup and somehow whole swimming in water (?) adapted a lung and limbs to crawl up on "land?" that takes faith, a whole lot of faith!


From: Schane []
Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2008 8:46 AM
Subject: Kentucky Office of Homeland Security.


Do you have nothing better to do in life? I am just wondering as I read an article regarding your filing suit to remove part of a state anti-terrorism law requiring Kentucky’s Office of Homeland Security to acknowledge that it can’t keep the state without God’s help. I mean really, why on Earth do these words really matter to you. Are there not better things in life to deal with, like loving your children, your grand-children, maybe your neighbor, than filing idiotic suits against the Kentucky State government?

I am not a practicing religious man. I have had my bouts with wondering if there is a God. To this day I wonder if there is a God and have always thought of the Big Bang as the true origin of life. This just makes since to me. To me that is my belief and others have theirs. Does it really kill you to let other people believe something different than you? Do you really think you are going to “teach somebody” something by filing this lawsuit? Is it really worth your time to work on this? I mean really, what are you going to get out of it?

I guess I am just writing because I am confused as to why someone would waste one minute of their life trying to do something like this when there is so much more out there to do. If you are bored, I have plenty of extra things that I can not get done because I am running around providing for a family of five. Please feel free to come visit me in Lexington and I will find something more meaningful for you to do with your time.

William S. Simpson

First Name: Steve
Last Name: Carey

Comment: Benefits of memebership, Ha. Why don't all
you non-believers move to your own Island or
state, and leave the rest of us alone. You
are nothing but a bunch of unhappy, faithless
people without purpose and need. Good luck,
but keep this rediclious argument out of the
court system.

First Name: Kevin
Last Name: Mckee

Comment: Do you not understand that you are the same concept as any religion, creed,
or belief system? Without religion in society there never would have been a
basic moralistic structure...period. Godless soceties are thought of as evil
throughout history, and any evil empires such as Rome or Nazi Germany
were athiests like yourselves who used religeon to control the masses
because it was the fastest way to reach their goals of complete dominance.
You think your enlightened but truly enlightened people strive for higher
knowlege without petty persuits such as court battles over what a group of
people can display on a wall! It in no way encumbers your rights or has any
effect on your personal being. It's a frivolous endevour and certainly not one
of higher thinking. All societies who were a god unto themselves quickly
digressed into anarchy and self destructed. If you are able to think moments
before you die you will come to the realization that all your efforts to dispell
so called "mythical creatures" has been in vain and you'll close your eyes
then wake up with God on your mind and not the absence thereof...Deep
down your guilt will finally win out over your denial. Good day.

First Name: Mark
Last Name: Lutner

Comment: I am a Christian and have been all my life
without question. I read a disturbing article
today about your organizations attempt to sue
the state of Kentucky for having God mentioned
as a part of their homeland security statement.

I would like to know why it is that you feel
you must force the ideas of few upon the
many. I respect your right to be atheist, as
you should respect my right to be Christian.
The vast majority of all people in this world
believe in some form of divine power. Why
does your organization treat all of these
people as ignorant? Are we all supposed
to "wake up" and see that 4 billion of us are
wrong and the members of your group are

I just wanted to let you know how I feel about
this topic and would like to hear your
response to the questions I asked.

My the Lord bless you and keep you safe.


Mark Lutner

First Name: Mike
Last Name: Perez

Comment: I read Mr. Kagan's comments abotu suing
Kentucky Homeland Security. You all are

The Constitution of the United States, in
spite of the activists on the Supreme Court,
provides for freedom OF religion, not freedom
FROM religion. The Constitution does not give
rights; it guarantees ones given by GOD to all
men which cannot be touched or taken away,
even by you. Your ignorance and arrogance is
astounding. You want people to accept your
beliefs, but you are intolerant of others'
beliefs, what is the majority of America and
is its very foundation - Christianity. There
were even aethiests among the Founding
Fathers, and Jews, and others. But BY GOD,
they didn't demand God to be wiped from
society or public. In fact, they credited and
gave thanks to GOD for their freedom,
Christians and non-Christians alike. That
means you, too. Don't like it, leave the
country. But I bet you'll be the first ones
screaming for someone to protect you when
there's another terrorist attack. Are you
going to demand they turn from God first
before they protect you? Or are you going to
let them turn to the One who can protect them
as they save your sorry asses?

I'm all for your freedom to do as you wish. I
am not for your demands that I cannot worship
in public as I wish and as is guaranteed under
the Constitution.

First Name: Cecil
Last Name: Wheeler

Comment: I'm glad fox news did the report on your fight
in kentucky. Sense you felt to the need to get
organized and fight something you were better
off to leave alone, it brought to my attention
the fact that I need'd to do the same. So I
wanted to say thank you. Me and my church will
do our best to keep you out of kentucky. we
have to many idiots in america as it is, time
for fools like you to leave, or at least start
losing your fights. oh, and being christian
I'm not adverse to telling you where to go but
sense your trying your best to get there I
really dont have to.

First Name: kay
Last Name: m

Comment: Wow- your eyes of understanding will be
opened. And when it is, tell everyone. God
bless. No need to write me back

First Name: Pat
Last Name: Taylor

Comment: My precious friends - My God lives!!! Oh that
you will come to that realization before you
stand before our Almighty God in eternity!!!

First Name: Chris
Last Name: Johnson

Comment: I just needed to write and tell you guys GET A
LIFE. Actually do something with your time
then to ruin everyone else's lifer. Lawsuit
for god being in homeland secuirty well you
need god in your life.
have the right to be opinionated and freedom
of speech. People like you people want to
ruin everyone elses life by telling them what
they can and can not say. WELL GOD is REAL
and you are all a joke. I cant even believe a
organization like you evenn exit. Retards. I
hope you lose your law suits fags!

First Name: David
Last Name: Johnson

Comment: What do you care if a majority of the US wants
God in their lives. Leave it alone and get on
with your own lives!

First Name: debi
Last Name: risinger

Comment: as you well know, Christmas is a celebration of
the birth of Jesus Christ. No one is forcing
this celebration on anyone and you can choose
to continue to work or do whatever you want.
If it wasn't for Jesus you would not even have
a holiday. This country was founded as a
result of a break from the English ruling
through the church. The pilgrims wanted
religious freedom. As a minoirity, you are
trying to dictate the will of at least 86% of
the population. Don't believe, but leave our
God alone!

First Name: Bruce
Last Name: Hensley

Comment: Dear American Idiots,

For a group that doesn't believe in God
you sure do spend a lot of time acknowledging
Him and battling Him in court.
Another select group of people who don't
believe in God (for if they truly did I don't
believe they would do what they have done
and/or continue to do) are the "Islamic"
terrorists such as Osama Bin Laden.
Congratulations, you are in "good"

American Defender

First Name: janet
Last Name: allan

Comment: you are such a bunch of losers. why don't you
do this, instead of making laws how about you
and everyone that follows your stupid thinking
board a plane,boat, anything, find your own
island or area where you can do what you want
when you want and how you want. do you not
think that there are much bigger problems in
this world than what you think? i am so sick
of your stupidity that is makes me wish all of
you would leave our country. we are much
better off with people to have faith, hope and
belief. your ways have been practiced for way
too long now, and obviously it does not work.
do us all a favor - go where you can make all
your own rules with everyone that wants to
believe that way - or keep your junk to
yourself. i have to put up with you not by

First Name: CINDY
Last Name: RAMIREZ


First Name: yank
Last Name: yourself

Comment: wow you are so freaking stupid. mytholigical
creatures? yes that is what you are. and your
all fat, and you eat cat turds. how are those
cat turds by the way? is this why you are so
stupid? doest the cat eat things they find in
the fields that when it craps it out and you
run over and eat it, it makes you stupid? you
could just stop eating those cat turds then
you wouldn't have to be atheist anymore. you
could believe in something other than the
stupid rants of hollywood. stop eating those
cat turds my good friends. no need. waist not
your lives on the runny sloppy cat turds you
enjoy so much. they have brought you down low
low low my bro. maybe you'll loose some fat as
well if you lay of those turds. maybe the
smell of you will go away. yes try the
spaggetti and be not a fat stinky stupid.

First Name: Darla
Last Name: Smith

Comment: I was just reading about the Law suit filed
about Kentucky law referring to relying on
God......I must say I am sick to death of
these frivolous lawsuits! Our constitution
was based on the Christian belief that Our
trust as a nation is placed in God. It gives
citizens a choice as to what they wish to
believe but it does NOT give them the right to
change its foundation! I think if you don't
like the fact that our country was formed
UNDER God then leave it and go somewhere
else. We are one Nation under God! That is
what our forefathers believed. They would be
rolling over in their graves to see what we
have done to this country. If we kept our
sights on what our foundation was, we would
not be in the state we are now. You do not
have to believe, but don't try to change what
the rest of us do believe in and that is the
original trust in God. God has not destroyed
this country...we have. Seems no atheist has
any trouble spending the money we use with the
words IN God WE Trust. That is unless God is
money to you. It just makes me angry that in
a world in such despair people like you have
nothing better to do than file law suits for
such nonsense. Believe what you want, but
leave our foundation alone! In God we trust
and apart from him we can do nothing. Do you
believe in Satan? If you do then you have to
believe in God. Even Satan believes in God.
If you do not like the laws that reference God
then go somewhere else. We need to take our
country back to where it was originated.
Founded on the belief and trust in God.

First Name: Some
Last Name: One

Comment: Well, I see that you are suing to have God
removed from Kentucky's homeland security.
Since Homeland Security only came about due to
us being attacked by Islamic terrorists, a
group who do what they do for their God, I
think that you should sue them also to have
them remove their God from their manifest. I
mean it's only fair if we can't have our God
because of you, neither can they. :-)

First Name: mike
Last Name: anderson

Comment: Two things. First, your page reads like a
teenaged heavy metal fan wrote it. Stating the
new President is a "hardcore" athiest is
pointless. It just sounds childish. Second,
this anti-symbolism campaign for Christmas.
This attitude is also held by the ACLU. Here
is why it is a danger to us as a nation. You
want to take all the Christian symbology away
from the season according to the article on
your site. I get it. You think there is no God
because you can't prove it, and the Bible has
to many "false hoods". Like I said, I get it.
Now, what if we completly abolished all things
christmas? Why even have the holiday since
none of its' real anyway? I mean the date was
taken from the pagens right? Destroy the myth
of Christmas, according to you, then Santa
Clause, who is only a German interpretation
for children to acknowledge God. (everyone
gets a gift) Now after that, imagine how our
economy would stagnate even further? If any
atheist recieves or accepts a gift during the
season, you are a hypocrite. Shouldn't you
just sit back and revel in the fact that you
know the right answer to life and everyone
else is lost? Isn't that enough? However,
thank you for your efforts to abolish God. By
being visible in the media, you strengthen the
resolve of Christians in this trying time.
Keep up the good work!

First Name: David
Last Name: Wilson

Comment: I read on Fox News where your organization has filed suit to remove
the reference to God from the Kentucky Department of Homeland
Security. I respect your right to practice your form of religion. I do
disagree with your organization pushing your beliefs on the majority
of Americans.

If you are a scholar at all, you will see that the United States of
America was founded upon Christianity. There are many references to
God in the Constitution and other founding documents.

If you feel strongly about removing God from the foundation of the
USA, I would suggest that you build your own form of government
outside of the USA.

Why is it that you expect the majority to accommodate the minority?
No one is telling you that you must believe in God. Why not allow
those of us who do to continue so without your interference.

God Bless!

David Wilson

First Name: M
Last Name: D

Comment: how far can you go and hard do you need to
work to continue in your lie saying 'God does
not exist'? Even in your statements and
mindsets you know there is a God. Without
the One who loves you and created you
standing by your side to guide you and
protect you it is a dangerous place to be!
God is real. Satan is real. Just look in
the mirror or look outside to what God has
created. Listen to the words that come out
of your mouth and you will hear the lies that
you have believed!
Merry Christmas and God Bless you!

First Name: Paul
Last Name: Pennington

Comment: I just read an article that said you are suing
the State of Kentucky's Department of Homeland
Security because they have used "God" in their
printed material. I think to call yourself an
American Atheist is ironic, given that America
was established for those seeking refuge from
Christian persecution. America was
established by Christians, for Christians. A
country seperated from God will fall. Look at
Rome, Russia and China for example. These
countries fought and persecuted to remove God
and they have suffered for it. People, like
your group, have fought to remove God from
America and then when situations occur like
Sept. 11th or Hurricane Katrina people
ask, "where is God?" and "why would he allow
this to happen?" I don't understand why you
feel you have the right to complain that
Christians have pushed their beliefs on you,
but in turn, you are doing the same thing by
pushing your non-beliefs on people. I know my
email will not change your mind, but I do
believe it's time for Christians to stand up
and say that "One nation under God" is our
right and our demand. And unless you fight to
have the two times God is mentioned in the
Declaration of Independence be removed, that
is the right set forth at the forming of our

Thank you for your time,

First Name: Paul
Last Name: Pennington

Comment: I just read an article that said you are suing
the State of Kentucky's Department of Homeland
Security because they have used "God" in their
printed material. I think to call yourself an
American Atheist is ironic, given that America
was established for those seeking refuge from
Christian persecution. America was
established by Christians, for Christians. A
country seperated from God will fall. Look at
Rome, Russia and China for example. These
countries fought and persecuted to remove God
and they have suffered for it. People, like
your group, have fought to remove God from
America and then when situations occur like
Sept. 11th or Hurricane Katrina people
ask, "where is God?" and "why would he allow
this to happen?" I don't understand why you
feel you have the right to complain that
Christians have pushed their beliefs on you,
but in turn, you are doing the same thing by
pushing your non-beliefs on people. I know my
email will not change your mind, but I do
believe it's time for Christians to stand up
and say that "One nation under God" is our
right and our demand. And unless you fight to
have the two times God is mentioned in the
Declaration of Independence be removed, that
is the right set forth at the forming of our

Thank you for your time,

First Name: Sheila
Last Name: Hanson

Comment: F.Y.I.
1. atheists are in the minority in this country
2. there is NO separation of Church and State
in the Constitution, never has been.
3.your organization is founded on a myth
4. the MAJORITY rules in a republic style of
5.If there was NO GOD, how do you explain how
you were born?
6.You and your organization are proof positive
of what happens when uneducated and ill
informed people are given free speech rights.
You use them for evil instead of doing good.

First Name: Sherry
Last Name: Berry

Comment: I am a Christian and a believer. I was just
reading the article on the controversy in KY>

I have just one question. What does it hurt
to ask God for help in protecting our nation?
The humans are not doing to good a job. Since
God was taken out of our schools, the country
as a whole has went to the pits. Check out
crime rates, and all kinds of lawlessness
since Madelyn O'Hare had her way.

The bottom line is, as Christians, we are
taught to love, not hate, to help, not destroy.
We do not infringe on your right to be a non
believer, why can't you just turn you head
when you see any kind of Christian symbol or
scripture. It certainly would not hurt to ask
for devine help in these terrible times that
are facing our nation.

In Christian love.
Sherry Berry

First Name: Ronald
Last Name: Williams

Comment: Separation of church and state is a primary
clause in the Constitution. That's a given.
But, even if their is no God, Budda, Mohammed
etc. humans, by definition, must believe that
there is something beyond death, or what is
the point of life. To be an atheist makes
life, meaningless. Atheist are a small
minority. but have the power of the
Constitution behind them. But, this country
was founded on religious freedom and majority
rule. You can try to exclude a God from public
life but you can't stamp it out. It's to
pervasive. You atheist must be very unhappy
people having nothing to believe in.
Personaly, I don't care one way of the other.

First Name: John
Last Name: Drezen

Comment: Its amazing how an agency such as your still exists.
You want a divison between state and God but you
seem to forget that the tax dollars that purchase
the land, the buildings and all other physical
structures are paid for by CHRISTIANS, NOT ATHIESTS!

If I believe in a supreme being and I die to find
out none exists, well so be it, but if you go
through life not believing, then die and find out
there is a supreme being, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU

First Name: daniel
Last Name: murphy

Comment: Do you guys realize that you are as wacky as
the religious right?!

First Name: Jason
Last Name: F

Comment: Atheism is the fear of allowing a supreme
being save your soul. God will pass judgement
and every atheist will burn in the lake of
fire with satan!!
Repent and be saved now, may God have mercy on

First Name: TOM
Last Name: TOM


First Name: Brad
Last Name: Anderson

Comment: Hello I was wondering what your beliefs are so
I decided to read a little on your website.I
am probably wasting my time but you should
really read this. You make logical points but
I am a Christian and there IS a GOD, as you
know he sent Jesus here to earth to pay for
what you and I do wrong. I see what you
believe but our belief is based on faith and
you have to have it. Please explain to me if
anyone even reads these messages, how a lady
in our church could be eaten up with cancer,
go through a few treatments and now be cancer
free. Yes the chemo took care of it, I know
that's what you will say and it may have bit
also it may have been GOD. Another work of GOD
was a lady we knew was going to have to have
both legs removed because of plaque build up
in her arteries, both legs now. When the
doctor checked a couple of days later before
surgery, no plaque could be found in the lady
anywhere, it's called faith and I will pray
you will find it and Jesus also. May GOD help

Brad from Geogia

First Name: cheryl
Last Name: Plowden

Comment: I understand you have your "non-beliefs", and
I respect that. What I have a problem with is
the fact that you are trying to take away OUR
GOD just because you do not believe. If you
do not like seeing his name or believe in him,
then don't read anything that contains his
information. By you filing lawsuits about
this that and the other, to have it removed
from this and that, you are violating MY
Constitutional Right as well as my children,
family and friends. Is it going to take
someone filing a suit against your group for
being Unconstitutional by preventing us from
practicing our beliefs and taking our GOD
away. We can all live here together, you
worship yours and we will worship ours.
Again, if you do not like God or believe in
his, just remove yourself from where he is and
do not read items that represent him.

First Name: Chris
Last Name: Kline

Comment: If you athiests and non-believers always
insist on getting YOUR way, do we Christians
and believers not have ANY rights????? You
want God taken out of everything--what about
those of us who love and worship God. This is
a free country--worship what you want and we
will worship WHO we want. If you want to
totally obliterate every mention of God, go to
a country where it is punishable to mention

First Name: william
Last Name: douglas

Comment: attn ed buckner,its a disgrace that you an
your cohorts want to bring this country down.
you have a right to practice your believe but
you have no right to shove it down someone
ARE PROTECTOR ALONE.GOD the father will show
you within this year your mistakes in
defiling his graces an you will finally

First Name: kelly
Last Name: cat

Comment: We can all have our opinion on whether there
is a God or not. There is a God and His son
will be coming again. This country was
founded by our forefathers with God in mind.
That's how God got on our money, in our Pledge
of Allegiance, and in many other things. The
pilgrims were from England and were
Christians. I will pray for you and all
around the world that God might have mercy on
your souls. He is a loving and forgiving God
that created all that is seen and unseen. God

First Name: Travis
Last Name: Beaman

Comment: I am not trying to step on anyones toes I am
just tryin to understand your positions. You
are sueing the KY government to get rid of
the "God's help" out of the Homeland Security
creed or whatever. I am just wondering Why?
What is it hurting? I take no position on the
issue because I could really care less one
way or the other.

I guess the irony is that in the constituion
there is a seperation between church and
state. But the underlying problem is that it
is the state who decides when that sepeation
applies. Sort of an oxymoron I guess.

So in all seriousness (without trying to
patronize or condescend) why do you care if
the word God is in something or not. Or in
the schools. It seems to me that people (who
are atheist) could just teach their children
their values and beliefs and have them ignore
it. At the same time faithful people could be
able to remove the word with no problem. From
what I understand faith is a feeling not a
visual thing.

Either way you look at it one side is forcing
their beliefs on the other. The pro-God side
by trying to keep it in the open therefor
making the atheist confront it. While the
other (atheist side) is forcing the pro-God
side to give up their right to see it. I mean
sometimes concessions need to be made. Who is
really hurt if God is removed from public
buildings? Also who is really hurt if it

As I said I don't care either way but I would
like a response please because it intrigues
me to no end.

First Name: casey
Last Name: mincer

Comment: i really dont know where to start.i must say
that Jesus is real and God is real.why is it
that we need some sort of proof?you will never
know how bold a thing that is to ask of our
lord.i am not a blind zombie for our father
and nor does he want me to be.i truly believe
with all my heart and in truth i dont even
live the way i should but i still
believe.their is no way you can tell me we
came from apes,their is no way i can believe
when we die thats it,their is no way you can
tell me that people who get away with all sort
of horrific crimes dont pay by going to hell.i
pray to God in the name of Jesus that he shows
you he is real so that you as a people will
change your ways b4 it is to man is
worthy of a sign from God so i ask that he
gives you a light slap in the face so brace it so wrong to believe that their
is something out their bigger than you,are the
things God ask of us so awful to you.LEAN NOT
TO THY OWN UNDERSTANDING.i mean no harm i am
just talking.just think about it, man from ape
dont you here God laughing.evolution omg you
must escape your own wisdom if you want to
find from ape wow!!YOU REALLY CANT

First Name: Brad
Last Name: Swidzinski

Comment: Hilarious.

Have you guys ever bothered to even read your
Web site? The contradictions, leaps of logic
and out-right assumptions make this thing a
comedy and not much more.

Keep it up. This is a better defence of
religion than any priest could ever come up


First Name: danny
Last Name: Woodruff

Comment: Leave Ky alone this is a free country you
better read the Constitution take heed To
this warning we don't fear you or you
legislation only God how can you stop God
you will die eventualy and face the fact God
wont wait, stop this before its to late

First Name: dave
Last Name: mccoy

Comment: I would like to thank you for being another
dumb ass group to try and force your views on
everyone else.If you don`t belive in God,thats
fine,your opinion,but why not just keep YOUR
views to yourself.We never had the problems
with our children when religion was spoke of
in schools.How do you know God can`t help
protect this country,you have no proof,so how
can you waste the tax payers money on
something as stupid as this.It is groups like
yours that have,well since you don`t believe
in God,FUCKED MY COUNTRY UP.Why not just teach
your children what you believe in so they have
no spiritual guidance,and leave every other
God fairing family out of your stupid shit.

First Name: gary
Last Name: houston

Comment: Do the words "BRAINLESS IDIOTS" strike a
chord with you fools? I find people of your
ilk to be so beneath contempt and bereft of
common sense to be laughable.

Why can't you leave absolutely
inconsequential things alone? Such as the
Kentucky Homeland law?

I find it despicable that an organization
whose average member's IQ can't exceed 100
points finds it necessary to use the court
system to force it's inane viewpoints on a
populace whose beliefs, for the most part,
stand in direct contravention of your own
pathetic worldview.

Please, why don't you morons find a nice rock
to sequester yourselves beneath?

First Name: H
Last Name: Young

Comment: I just finished reading the news article on
your recent objections in Kentucky for
referencing God as a source of keeping one of
their cities safe.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't our
ancestors take a stand and break free from
England's monarchy for freedom of religion,
among other things? Doesn't that make
freedom of religion part of the main basis for
the U.S.?

Your quest to erase the element of God from
all American society resembles the extreme
muslim terrorist groups who are traveling the
globe attempting to abliterate all are not
muslim from the earth. You are promoting your
work through the legal system but the goals
are not different than theirs.

You are living in a Christian based country. A
country that fought for rights of ALL
religious beliefs, or in your case none.
Wouldn't the world actually be a better place
if everyone, including you, preached
TOLERANCE, tolerance for that which isn't your

I for one, do not share your beliefs BUT I do
not condemn you or make attempts to eliminate

Please help promote peace and tolerance.

First Name: John
Last Name: Williams

Comment: Which god are you trying to get out of
Kentucky? There is NO GOD at this time in
history, but the Creator of all things; the
first created of all things created. And he is
NO GOD at this time, just a creator. The day
has not come when he will be a God to the
earth peoples, and they will be a people to
him. That day has not come yet. So which god
are you trying to get out of Kentucky when
there is no god at this time. You will rot in
the earth as all peoples do, when you die.
What you are doing now is a waste of your
time, and energy. GET A LIFE.

First Name: Jerry
Last Name: Wright

Comment: Folks, I will support to the death your right
to believe, or not to believe, in anything you
want. You can also speak out publicly in
support of your stance on any subject you
like. I'm pretty sick of ANY vocal minority
trying to impose its view of the world on the
rest of the world, though. America has long
considered itself to be a Christian nation;
our founding fathers often referred to God, as
do the documents that formed our very young
nation. We indeed have freedom of religion
here, and that includes the freedom from
religion, but nothing in the Constitution says
our government is forbidden from mentioning
any opinion about the existence of God, or any
gods, or asking for God's help under the
presumption there may be a God. What we are
guaranteed is that our government will not
force a religion on us, or allow only one
favored religion to be practiced. That's it.
Get used to it, and get over it. Specifically,
if the Commonwealth of Kentucky wants to ask
God to help its Homeland Security group do
their jobs, let them. It really doesn't hurt
you at all if they do, and while logic is on
your side, they could still be right. I say
let's accept help from whatever quarter and
pick nits later.

These are only a few.

There are more. There are a lot more.

Join American Atheists. For your own safety’s sake.

The people who wrote these emails can vote and they can sit on juries.

It is okay to be an Atheist.

It is okay not to believe in god.

Get real clear on that.

It is not okay for the government to try to establish a religion.

Be afraid; be very afraid.

What can you do? You can write letters to the paper. You can talk to people.

You can send us money to help protect your rights.

And after you have become very afraid you can refuse to be afraid.

Here is the simple truth: We are right and they are wrong.

Educate when you can and survive when you must.

And join American Atheists.

You will feel better for it.

You are not alone.


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Atheist News from Edwin Kagin



To Unidentified Recipients:

The lawsuit filed today, “American Atheists, et al vs Commonwealth of Kentucky, et al,” can be found here:

The media is going into a feeding frenzy. You are encouraged to write letters to Kentucky papers and papers everywhere on this one.

Some have actually suggested that the Atheists are doing this as part of their annual “War on Christmas,” whatever that is.

Stay tuned.



Louisville Courier-Journal
Law's use of God challenged
Security bill subject of suit
By Peter Smith • • December 2, 2008

Ten Kentucky residents and the national American Atheists Inc. are suing to overturn Kentucky legislation "stressing the dependence on Almighty God as being vital to the security of the Commonwealth."

The suit says the legislation, passed with little notice in 2006 to create the Kentucky Office ofHomeland Security
, is "grossly, and outrageously, at variance with" with Kentucky and U.S. constitutional bans on government-sponsored religion.
In addition to seeking to have the legislation overturned, the plaintiffs are seeking financial damages, saying they "suffer anxiety from the belief that the existence of these unconstitutional laws suggest that their very safety as residents of Kentucky may be in the hands of fanatics, traitors, or fools."
At issue are two clauses inserted in a floor amendment by state Rep. Tom Riner, D-Louisville, and approved by lawmakers.
One clause says the "safety and security of the Commonwealth cannot be achieved apart from reliance upon Almighty God" and cites statements to that effect by Presidents Abraham Lincolnand John F. Kennedy.
A permanent plaque quoting that text is posted at the state's Emergency Operations Center, as required by the clause.
The other clause, listing the executive director's duties, begins with a requirement to publicize "the dependence on Almighty God as being vital to the security of the Commonwealth."
Edwin Kagin -- an attorney in Union, Ky., who also is the national legal director of American Atheists -- said he mailed the lawsuit to Franklin Circuit Court overnight and expects it to be filed today.
The suit names as defendants the commonwealth, state Attorney General Jack Conway, the stateHomeland Security office and its director, Thomas Preston.
Riner and spokespeople for Conway and Preston did not immediately return calls about the suit.
The individual plaintiffs are identified as Michael G. Christerson, James F. Coffman, Lucinda Hedden Coffman, Jan Ewing, Emmett F. Fields, Alex Grigg, Edwin Hensley, Helen Kagin, David Ryan and James K. Willmot. All are U.S. citizens except Kagin, a Canadian who is a permanent resident here.
"I'm joining in because I think it's the right thing for me to do as an American," said Hensley, an atheist. "One of the most precious gifts of our founding fathers is the freedom of religion."
The New Jersey-based American Atheists says it's representing those atheists reluctant to come forward for fear of retaliation.
The legislation drew little attention until it was spotlighted Friday in an article in the Lexington Herald-Leader.
Former Gov. Ernie Fletcher gave prominent credit to God in his annual reports, but Gov. Steve Beshear's administration did not do so in its latest annual Homeland Security report.
"We certainly expect it to be there, of course," Riner, a pastor, told the Herald-Leader.
Preston said last week he would "not try to supplant almighty God. All I do is try to obey the dictates of the Kentucky General Assembly. I really don't know what their motivation was for this. They obviously felt strongly about it."
Riner said last week the language showed "government itself, apart from God, cannot close the security gap."
The lawsuit says the Homeland Security office was created in response to -- the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks -- which it called a "faith-based initiative" -- and that including the religious language discriminates against those who don't believe in a deity.
It says the plaintiffs have suffered "somatic discomforts, and mental pain and anguish, from the knowledge that they are made to feel officially excluded from the ranks of citizens who share the belief in a god that is required by the challenged statutes."
The lawsuit isn't the only source of criticism directed at the law.
Such laws "raise serious constitutional questions about their validity," said attorney William Sharp of the American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky.
The Rev. Paul Simmons of Louisville, chairman of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, urged Beshear and lawmakers to overturn the legislation, saying the Office of Homeland Security "is not in the business of promoting religion" but of "securing all citizens against harm from enemies."
And Rabbi David Saperstein, national director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, issued a statement saying the law amounts to religious discrimination because the Homeland Security office's director is required to credit "God's power as protector of the state."
Reporter Peter Smith can be reached at (502) 582-4469. The Associated Press contributed to this story.
From reader Jayne:
In the 1700s, a group of English men, disciples of the French enlightenment, created the USA, never mentioning God in the Constitution. Washington, in his letter to the Jewish community of Newport, RI, did refer to "the Father" in his well wishes, but also affirmed that being a part of the USA "requires only that they who live under its protection should demean themselves as good citizens in giving it on all occasions their effectual support." KY has violated our founder's principles by requiring an acknowledgement of "God" in the work of a government office. If this means the God of Abraham, only Christians, Jews or Muslims may now work at the Office of Homeland Security; citizens who are atheists, agnostics, or members of non-monotheist religions may not. Is the religious faith of KY Christians so weak that they must force others to bow to their sect, instituting government-backed religious coercion found in oppressive states such as Saudi Arabia? How shameful. How un-American.
From reader Jim:
Dear Mr. Riner,

Your successful attempt to link our country's fight against terrorism to faith is not only unconstitutional but also fool-hardy. The success of western democracies is due (in part) to the separation of church and state where people are free to practice whatever faith they wish (including no faith) and government plays no role in such practice. Contrary to your suggestion that the citizens of Kentucky must recognize the 'Almighty' as a starting point in fighting terrorism, I suggest that it is extreme belief in God, belief that God is on their side and belief that others must believe as they do that leads people to commit acts of terrorism. How can we condemn the idiots that think they are performing god's will by terrorist acts when we contend that no, it is our god that is the true god and our citizen's must recognize faith as fact? Your faith may indeed be helpful to you, but that does not make it true. Might I suggest you save up your money, travel outside the US a bit, read a few books other than the Bible, and learn about how western democracies (by the way, the west includes Europe) have flourished despite religion, and not because of it.


Jim Willmot
Prospect, KY

PS: Please do not put me on a watchlist since it is my right and duty as an American citizen to speak up when injustices occur. I hope you agree that it is my right to dissent. Legislating that all Kentucky citizens must recognize your sky-god is an injustice and must be reversed.
The time is near...
So spread the word!

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* Saturday, Dec. 13, join us at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in nearby Clark, NJ for the annual Winter Solstice Gala featuring a lavish lunch buffet, open cash bar, talks and much more, hosted by AA Communications Director Dave Silverman. The fun begins at 11:30 AM. You can still sign up by visiting .

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Subject: New American Atheists Affiliates
Hello American Atheists!
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Nashville Secular Life (Nashville, TN):
Northeast Pennsylvania Freethought Society (Scranton, PA): Rational Response Squad at George Mason University (Fairfax, VA): Rhode Island Atheist Society (Providence, RI): Science Club of Long Island (Huntington, NY):
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Blair Scott
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Kentucky Enquirer, December 2,2008
Creation Museum deal ends
Co-promotion of events produces uproar
By Dan Horn • • December 2, 2008
The Cincinnati Zoo and the Creation Museum launched a joint promotional deal last week to draw attention to their holiday attractions.
It worked, but not the way zoo and museum officials had hoped.
The zoo pulled out of the deal Monday after receiving dozens of angry calls and e-mails about the partnership, which offered reduced prices to anyone who bought tickets to the zoo's Festival of Lights and the museum's Christmas celebration, Bethlehem's Blessing.
Most of the protests echoed the same theme: The Creation Museum promotes a religious point of view that conflicts with the zoo's scientific mission.
Some complained that the zoo, which receives public support through a tax levy, should not become involved with a private museum dedicated to the teachings of the Bible's Book of Genesis. Others said a scientific institution shouldn't link itself to a place that argues man once lived side by side with dinosaurs.
"They seem like diametrically opposed institutions," said Dr. James Leach, a Cincinnati radiologist who e-mailed zoo officials about his concerns. "The Cincinnati Zoo is one of this city's treasures. The Creation Museum is an international laughingstock."
Zoo officials said they considered the promotion - dubbed "Two Great Attractions, One Great Deal" - a marketing deal no different than cross-promotions they do with the Cincinnati Reds and other institutions.
Instead, they found themselves mired in a heated debate between creationists and evolutionists over the origins of mankind. Thanks to the Internet, the opposition needed only a few days to organize a worldwide e-mail campaign and to set up a zoo boycott through blogs and a Facebook page.
"It's not about us endorsing them or them endorsing us," Chad Yelton, a zoo spokesman, said. "That wasn't the intention of anything we were doing."
The Creation Museum's founder, Ken Ham, said the Petersburg museum and the zoo spent months preparing the cross-promotion package.
He said the zoo's decision to cut ties after two days was disappointing and a missed opportunity to boost regional tourism.
Ham said he was "personally saddened" by the negative response.
"It's a pity that intolerant people have pushed for our expulsion simply because of our Christian faith," Ham said in a statement. "Some of their comments ... reveal great intolerance for anything having to do with Christianity."
The museum, which opened in May 2007, has been praised by supporters as a bulwark against evolutionary teachings. It also has been ridiculed by critics who say its displays, including a triceratops with a saddle on its back, are based on pseudoscience.
The ticket deal first appeared on Web sites for both institutions Friday, offering a price of $25.95 for one ticket to both the Festival of Lights and Bethlehem's Blessing, which features a live Nativity scene and a recreation of the streets of Bethlehem 2,000 years ago.
But Yelton said the uproar became such a distraction by Monday morning that zoo officials decided to pull it from the Web site.
No package deals had been sold, so no refunds will be necessary.
"When we partner with the Reds, we don't get these kinds of e-mails," Yelton said. "It's pretty clear this is more of a distraction."